The Simple Palette is now offering live brush lettering workshops!

The beginner workshop will walk you through our brush lettering practice book created especially for our workshops – filled with tips and tricks for using both brush pens and watercolors to letter. We have also hand selected lettering tools and materials for the class that artist Priscilla Putman uses almost every time she letters!

Each attendee will get a copy of the book to keep, as well as a kit that has everything you need to start your own journey with brush lettering!

This class is for beginners – for students who have the interest but aren’t quite sure where to start or what supplies they would need. We start the class learning lettering with brush pen markers and then end the class by using a specialty watercolor brush and learning how to mix up watercolors in our palettes to approach lettering in a more painterly way. 

Learn to letter at home!

Our Brush Lettering for Beginners workbook & kit can now be purchased online!

Order the kit and work at your own pace using the videos below.

Once you have your kit in hand, you can follow along with recorded demonstrations from one of our live workshops! Click the videos below to follow along with your workbook & materials!

Part 1: Using Your Brush Pen

Part 1: Using Your Brush Pen, walks you through the first half of the workbook practicing drills and the alphabet with a brush pen. The first section focuses on the mechanics of brush lettering, and helps you build that “muscle memory” of using more pressure on your downstrokes, and light pressure on your upstrokes.

Part 2: Using Your Aquash Watercolor Brush

Part 2: Using your Aquash Watercolor Brush, walks you through the second half of the workbook by practicing drills, the alphabet, and connecting your letters to make words and phrases – all with your watercolor brush and watercolor paint palette! Watch the end of the video for tips on blending two colors together for a gradient effect in your lettering!

Watch our workshop feature on our local news channel! If our news anchors can learn to letter in 5 minutes, so can you! 😉