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Happy Monday, my lovely readers! I’m back with a quick progress update on the chalkboard coffee/play table. After doing a little more research and getting some great tips from thoughtful friends on facebook (and Katie Bower when she kindly replied to my comment on her chalkboard table 🙂 ), I decided to prime the glass first. My biggest fear is that the paint will begin to scratch off or chip after a few good table poundings from Helena via her new wooden hammer.

So with the added step of the primer it seems this weekend project has turned into a week-long project. Also with this mid-summer air being so thick with humidity I’ve been giving everything a little extra dry time.

On Saturday I started off with some Zinsser primer we had laying around in the basement. It clearly said, “Primer For All Projects” on the front. So, that means glass, right? Keep your fingers crossed, guys!IMG_20140726_135631_086



The chalk board paint instructions said 24 hours to re-coat, so I did my first coat on Sunday and just completed the second coat this afternoon. The little foam roller I’ve been using lays down a pretty thin layer, so I’m thinking I may even need a third coat. Riveting stuff, I know.

I realize I could probably be using more professional products – but for some reason I’m determined to do this project using things we already have on hand!

What, you don’t use paper plates as paint trays?


The good news is, if this combo of primer and paint doesn’t hold up, I can flip the glass over and try a different approach! (i.e. maybe I will go out and buy that spray primer!)


In other news, Helena is enjoying the unrestricted access to her toy baskets!

IMG_5424 IMG_5423

Just look at that face! She’s like, “What the heck did you do to our table, Mom?”


Well, I hope to be back soon with a finished table and a more detailed account of what worked (if it does)! Has anyone else ever taken extra steps on a project that paid off in the end? Hopefully this is one of those things!


4 thoughts on “Prime time

  1. Hmm a project that paid off… Well since I just made a whole turkey in July (I bought it on sale while I was in nesting prego mode in January) I am reminded of the first time I made a turkey and came up with this dumpling stew recipe for the leftovers what I didnt realize is that when you combine all the steps including making homemade stock it took about 8hrs and we ended up eating after 7pm after a whole day in the kitchen .. but it was one of the best most comforting things I have ever had and leaving out any of the steps does not produce the same flavor we consider it to be the best reason to have turkey at thanksgiving – anyway I am infamous for projects that are only going to take an hr but end up lasting weekends but they were all worth it! Looking forward to next update!


    1. Hi Sarah!

      I saw your picture you posted on facebook – that turkey was beautiful! It made me nostalgic for the holidays 🙂

      But wow, I can’t imagine spending 8 hours in the kitchen! I’m so glad it paid off! Are you going to make your dumpling stew again?

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂


  2. Gotta support the blog I like to read! No not this time I am trying ree drummonds chicken tetrazzini instead but I will look forward to it in Nov 🙂 I love making homemade stock too but its just not fun to boil water in the house for hrs in the summer so that too will wait. ..


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